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Posted October 01, 2021

A new Range Hot Line has been added 928-970-1766.  The old number 480-463-3505 will be disconnected in the future. 


Posted July 8, 2021

The range is back open. Check the Range Hot Line. (480-463-3505) for further announcements. 


Posted June 22, 2021

Currently the range is closed.  The electronic gate will be turned off and a lock will be placed on the swinging gate.


When the Forest Commission moves to stage 3 fire alert we close the range.  They have not gone to stage 3 but the TRSC Board has determined to close do to unsafe conditions. 


The range will be closed indefinitely. Check the Range Hot Line (480-463-3505) for further announcements.

Posted June 10, 2021

Twenty plus people showed up for the range clean up on Monday the 7th.  Thanks for all the help!  Thanks also for the New Members that came to help.  Greatly appreciated!


Posted May 21, 2021

The TRSC Board has acquired a new location for the general meetings.  Starting in August the new location will be the Meeting Room at the Central Arizona Association of Realtors 600 E. State Hwy. 260 Suite 12. Same parking area as Tiny's Restaurant.


Posted April 29, 2021

No smoking on the TRSC range from April 1 through September 30. This is subject to change as it relates to the
severity of the fire season.

PLEASE pick up after yourself—hulls, used targets, spent brass; use authorized/regulation targets and target
stands—NOT tables. Reminder: all dogs on a leash. Thank you!
Your TRSC Board of Directors

LADIES DAY is held on the 4th Saturday of the Month: May 28th, 9 am to 12 pm. $5 per participant – space is
limited, call Ed for a reservation 602-999-3388

CIVILIAN MARKSMANSHIP PROGRAM (CMP): You may notice that our membership number for the CMP
has been put back on the newsletter masthead. The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is a U.S. government chartered
program that promotes firearm safety training and rifle practice for all qualified U.S. citizens with special
emphasis on youth. Participation in the Program is not mandatory or compulsory, but any U.S. citizen who is not
legally prohibited from owning a firearm may purchase a military surplus rifle/ammo from the CMP, provided they are
a member of a CMP affiliated club. If you would like to sign up for their Sales Email Updates, please visit the cmp.

TRADES AND SALES is returning – get together your items, bring your wish lists, and get ready to participate
at the JUNE General Meeting.

(1) asks that if you are the last person to leave the range, please do a review of the ranges to make sure nothing is
smoldering or burning. There are water packs in the RSO area for fire fighting when needed.

(2) people have been shooting at the target stands, which is a violation of our safety regulations. Please be aware
that your membership will be revoked for any fractions of the safety rules.

(3) The High Power range will be closed the 1st Wednesday of every month from break of dawn to noon for
maintenance. The 100 yard range will continue to be closed the 2nd Wednesday of every month from break of dawn
to noon for maintenance.


Posted Mar 26, 2021

Election results for 2021…..President Sue Little, Recording Secretary Brent Stevenson, Treasurer Judy Dreyer, Chief RSO Jeff Zeigner, New Trustee Mike Purkiss.  Congratulations to the volunteers and thanks to all who took the time to vote.





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Reminders From The Range Manager

Ed Niebch presented the following rules at the general meeting:

  • Do not sign in for your guests - Each guest must sign in and complete the release.

  • Two guests per member, please.

  • Also, if you bring children (under 18) guests you must have a release completed by their parents. [Form is posted on Membership Page]

  • Do not shoot clay birds anywhere on the range.

  • Do not shoot at rocks or other ground targets.

  • Do not shoot at target stands. Do not place objects on target stands as targets (such as golf balls, shotgun shells, rocks). Only paper targets should be used with the target stands.

  • If "RANGE CLOSED" signs are up do not access the range. If you are caught you can lose your membership. Call the range line 928-970-1766 before you go out to the range.

  • On the High Power Range, all targets must be set out a minimum of 25 yards. This range is for rifles and long-range pistols only.

  • On the High Power Range use the road to check your targets. The range cannot be leveled and it is not safe for people to walk out to the targets.